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Color: BG1770

Size: Square Drill 30x40cm

Square Drill 30x40cm
Square Drill 40x50cm
Square Drill 50x70cm
Round Drill 60x80cm
Round Drill 30x40cm
Round Drill 40x50cm
Round Drill 50x70cm
Square Drill 20x30cm
Round Drill 20x30cm

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(1)Size:Canvas size(The picture size is usually 4-5cm less)

(2)About Frame: The frame is not included

(3)Drill Area: Full drill diamond mosaic

(4)Tips: The larger the size, the better the effect

Diamond Painting Kit Includes:

●Poured Glue Canvas

●Enough Diamond(30% extra)

●Stylus Pen

●3 And 6 Placer

●2 Wax Caddies


About This Item:

◆Snug, Sparkly Diamonds:we uses acrylic diamond that are true to the original DMC colors which give you twice as much sparkle and great mosaic look.

◆Soft, Smooth Canvases:Velvety-soft, patented, tarpaulin canvas is guaranteed to self-flatten as soon as you start working on it.

◆Poured Glue, Clear Film:we uses a proprietary, high-tech poured glue adhesive formula engineered for easy application and long-lasting hold even in high humidity! Clear film covering also allows you to see the canvas in its entirety and the specific section you're working on while you diamond paint.

◆Lifetime Warranty, Fast Shipping:we provide crafters with the best diamond art painting experience. We guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship. We also offer free missing diamond protection.All orders are shipped within 72 hours.

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