Dragon Fluorescent Earrings

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Metal Color: silvery

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light,No need to deliberately bask in the sun, as long as you come into contact with the light source, it will start emitting light in the dark

Nightlight products have a good absorption effect on ultraviolet rays, absorbing light in dark areas during the day and emitting light repeatedly.

Please absorb the light in the sunlight after receiving the goods, and then you can see the luminous effect in the dark.

Because the goods cannot be fully absorbed in the express package for several days during transportation, they need to be fully absorbed.

During the day, place it in sunlight or outdoor areas with ultraviolet rays, and emit light in the dark.

The brightness of night light varies depending on the intensity and duration of light exposure. After approximately 30 minutes of exposure, it can emit several hours of light.

When there is no ultraviolet sunlight at night, it can be placed under the light to absorb

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