Dolphin Led Lamp Bedroom Decoration

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Color: Black base 7colours

Black base 7colours
Black base 16colours
Crack base 7colours
Crack base 16colours

Emitting Color: 01


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This is a factory-operated store, and all products are produced by ourselves. Continue to recruit agents, more than 5 will find customer service to negotiate the price.
The real thing is better than the picture! The real thing is better than the picture! The real thing is better than the picture!
There are currently more than 2,000 animation game patterns in this store, go search and ask. Even if there is none, as long as you send a high-definition picture, you can make it.
This store will continue to update the animation patterns, pay attention, pay attention.
Note: Before use, be sure to tear off the paper film on the back of the graphic plate. (It is not easy to tear, you can soak the graphic plate in warm water for 5-10 minutes)
1,7 colors and 16 colors are different?
7 colors without remote control, touch toning, 7-color conversion; 16-color remote control toning, 16-color conversion.
2,What is the difference between black background, white background and cracked base?
The black base and the white base are opaque bases; the cracked bases are translucent bases, the bases are light-transmitting, and the lines are cracked, which is more beautiful. If you need the actual effect of white and crack, you can contact customer service to get the video!
3,how to use?
You can connect a USB cable, or you can buy 3 batteries for power supply.

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